Solar PV Plus

Up to 20% Increase in PV Generation

Do you want to generate up to 20% more electricity from your solar panel system?

According to a recent report carried out by western power distribution, over 50% of our homes and businesses are supplied at voltage level above 243.8V, with nearly 7% of these being supplied with a voltage above 248.8V.


How does the PV+ help?

When generating power, the inverter in your solar PV system must increase its internal voltage above grid voltage (between 4 to 10 volts) in order to push the generated energy around your property or back to the national grid.

The increase voltage can cause inverters to prematurely shut down on over voltage settings, resulting in a loss of generation.

By monitoring the incoming supply voltage rather than the internal inverter voltage, the PV+ unit allows PV inverter to compliantly stay in circuit for longer, preventing nuisance over voltage shut down and increasing PV generation.

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PV Plus Key features

Increased Electricity
Increases generation by allowing your PV solar system to operate to its full potential.
Protects your investment by prolonging the lifespan of your solar PV equipment.
UK Product
Designed and built in the UK .

When your Solar Panels are at full capacity, they may not be generating at all. If your incoming voltage is too high, your inverter panics and goes in to over voltage mode and then momentarily stops working until your voltage drops. Inevitably this leads to a loss in production, which equates to a loss in income and energy savings.

The PV plus works by monitoring the number of volts that come into your home or business, it will then stop your inverter from shutting down because of overvoltage. This is what happens when the mains electricity voltage gets too high. A bonus to having a PV plus installed is that it relieves some of the stress from your inverter, which may prolong its lifespan.

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